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Over the last five years Ben Greenwell , Yorkshire born singer songwriter and blues harmonica player has been on a journey of self-discovery. After a near fatal drunken accident he found himself in hospital with a broken jaw and cheekbone. For the sake of himself, his young son and his loved ones he immediately made the decision to finally end a 27 year bender of binge drinking and drug abuse.


The album Breathe,  scheduled for release in April 2022, tells the story of his journey.


With song structures reminiscent of the golden era of the late 1960’s and mellow grooves which also carry a raw edge and uniquely fresh energy, Greenwell tells his story through his honest lyrics.  With a soulful voice and emotive instrumental layers, Greenwell takes us on his journey of personal hell and the struggles and challenges he overcame and brings us into the light with a positive message which we can all relate to.


The first single is the title track Breathe.  With a release date of the 19th of November 2021, it includes a both a video and artwork painted by Ben’s mother Jane Hanson  after being inspired by the piece.

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